Journey to See God: Seeing God intimately

Life is more interesting, never dull when one lives in the Spirit and walks by the Spirit, just as the apostles had experienced during the time of the early churches (as in the book of Acts). Without the leading of the Holy Spirit, one cannot possibly understand the Bible, the watchman has thus discovered.

The Bible is all about God. The Holy Spirit has come to show us how to see God. Reading John 7 and 8 has revealed new truth to the watchman. The truth is just there, all over the pages as he sees through the eyes of his spirit.

________________________Here is his brief note on 10-14-2012:

The Bible is all about God, revealing Himself to man, not the other way round. God takes initiative: set time, ‘when’, ‘whom he sent’, ‘for what purpose’. But man looks at ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘who is who’ all in the physical.

How does Jesus describes His focused intimate relationship, interactions and identification with God? (Just read the following list. The words ‘He’, ‘His’, ‘Him’ are used to denote God.)

‘He sent’, ‘He knows’, “in His time’, “His will’, ‘He teaches’, ‘comes from Him’, ‘His truth’, ‘learn from Him’, ‘return to Him’, ‘He speaks the truth’, ‘seek to honor Him’, ‘with Him’, ‘know who He is’, ‘belong to Him’, ‘from above’ (where God is), ‘not of the world below’ (where man is), ‘heard from Him’, ‘completely truthful’, ‘always do what please Him’, ‘do nothing on one’s own’, ‘say only what ones hears from Him’, ‘sent by Him’, ‘set sinners free’ (do His work), ‘saw what He did’, ‘tell the truth’, ‘come from God’,’consistent with God’s character’, ‘belong to God’, ‘listen gladly to the words of God’, ‘honor God’, ‘no demon in Him’, ‘no wish to glorify self’, ‘obey His teaching’, ‘know God’ and ‘obey Him’, ‘know Him and His Son’, know He is ‘I AM’.

______________________Relevant excerpts from “Spiritual Intimacy  & Communion”(from “Demands of Love” book by Susan Tang)

“The early Christians did not pick up spirits as easily as we do now because they were serious Christians who had a strong river of Spirit-life running inside them. They believed in spiritual communion and intimacy with God and spent time in serious prayer daily. They were people who knew how to drink long and deep at the Living Fountain. That was why they had no problems with demons..”

“Ministry today is dangerous because the emphasis is all on the outward _ the size of the church, the numbers, the performance, the buildings. Satan will be happy to give us these (and he can) provided he can keep us away from “The Drink”.”

SPIRITUAL INTIMACY (book by Susan Tang)

MORE EXCERPTS: Psalm 143: 11

Quicken me O Lord, for thy name’s sake: for thy righteousness’ sake bring my soul out of trouble.

The word, ‘quicken’ actually means ‘to make alive.’ Many people, even Christians, lose their will to live because they cannot take the m and the pressure. When David lost the will to carry on, he screamed out to God many times, “O God, make me live!” He would not give way to suicide because he knew life came from God and it was not right for him to end it himself.

There is such power in intimacy with God. Even when David lost the will to live, he realized he could still carry on living when he allowed God to impact into him the purpose of living – to live for Him! Through intimacy with God, David knew he had a destiny to fulfill, and this gave him the strength to carry on. Yes, we can definitely derive meaning and strength to live on when we know intimacy with Father God.


“The common Christian today knows everything from prophecy to anointing, from home cells to music, from miracles to visitations, from missions to running errands etc. but they simply cannot enter into intimacy with the Lord or prevail in His presence. Seeking His face is just too much for them.” [Read More]

spiritual intimacy & communion with God

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