God laid my sins on Jesus

God laid my sins on Jesus

 Jesus for-me
  1. God laid my sins on Jesus,
    His spotless, holy Lamb;
    Instead of me, God cursed Him,
    Now full released I am.
    Upon His faultless Lamb, God
    Was pleased my faults to lay,
    That He for me should suffer,
    My debt of sin to pay.
  2. My sickness laid on Jesus,
    The lash for me endured;
    My weaknesses He carried
    That I be fully cured.
    My misery on Jesus,
    He bore it all for me;
    My sorrow He abolished
    And gave me joy and peace.
  3. I now have rest in Jesus,
    My King of Righteousness;
    His death met God’s demand, and
    His blood my conscience cleansed.
    Now all my trust’s in Jesus,
    My strength for ev’ry hour;
    His living shows God’s riches,
    His life in me empow’rs.
  4. I give my heart to Jesus,
    That there He’d be enthroned
    To be my Lord and life, and
    In me to make His home.
    According to His pattern
    I hope to live each day;
    His attitude and actions
    May He through me display!

Source: http://www.hymnal.net/hymn.php/h/8239#ixzz2OpI1x4fq



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