Tips to pastors: when do you need to flee?

God wants us to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit and to experience His victory in every area of our lives. Tragically, sin and addiction can quickly rob us of the joy and freedom we should enjoy through Christ Jesus.

When do you need to flee?

  • When you find yourself thinking about a “friend, co-worker, ministry partner, counselee” and how much you enjoy being with this person — FLEE!
  • When you look forward to spending more time with this person and you make sure you look especially nice if you know you might see your “friend” that day — FLEE!
  • If you begin to fantasize about being with this person or knowingly start touching your “friend” in “innocent “ ways — FLEE!
  • When you become more secretive about your interaction with your “friend” because people like your spouse might “misunderstand” your friendship — FLEE!
  • If you receive cards, e-mails or presents from this person that you would not want your spouse to see — FLEE!
  • When you find yourself comparing your spouse in an unfavorable way to your “friend”– FLEE!
  • If you start confiding in your “friend” about your marital problems — FLEE!

excerpts from :

Escaping Sexual Sin Before it’s Too Late

By Rev. Marty O’Rourke

Escaping Sexual Sin: Consider the Consequences

CBN TEACHING SHEET: Trapped In Temptation — How to Break an Addiction to Pornography

(including  the following:

Ten Steps To Freedom In Christ

 1. Turn To Jesus!
2. Spend Time With God Daily
 3. Choose Your Allies
4. Count The Consequences
 5. Identify Your Triggers
 6. “HALT”
 7. Dig Out The Roots
 8. Take Authority Over Your Eyes
 9. Grow In God’s Word
10. Pray Continually

Protect the family!
Protect the family!

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