The Woman Question: Why woman?

family praying togetherToday’s message: family health (marriage relationship); church ministry health (man and woman relationship).

In a previous article, we ask why Christian wives do not obey Christian husbands; we must now look deeper into the words of God, the only plumb line Christians follow. I was led to read this book yesterday when I pondered on why the aforementioned post has been so popular lately. I am urged to remind that we all need to read God’s words as led by the Holy Spirit, just as Jesus has commanded. Only God (the Holy Spirit) can tell us what God has meant in His words. (1 Corinthians 2:11-15) Indeed as the Lord declared through the apostle Paul, “no one can know God’s thoughts except God’s own Spirit.”

Please read the following book from a man of God led by the Holy Spirit through out his ministry. I personally have learned to walk by the Spirit through his many writings. One thing I respect of this writer and teacher is that he practiced what he preached. His wife respected him because she knew and respected him for this reason.


Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin deals explicitly with perplexing issues, showing what the Scriptures say. The Woman Question Must women keep silent in the church? Is the man the head of the woman? Must women always obey their husbands? Must women cover their heads in church? What about appropriate dress? In this book, Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin deals explicitly with these and other perplexing issues, showing what the Scriptures say.

Women of today hold prominent positions as senators and even governors, as doctors and lawyers, and are very visible as directors and chairpersons of national organizations. This change has prompted a need for the teaching of sound biblical principles on the subject of women in the Body of Christ. What is the woman’s place in the home? What is her place in the church? What is her place in the marriage relationship?In his series “The Woman Question,” Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin offers godly truths on women’s attire, whether or not women should always obey their husbands, and whether or not women should keep silent in the local church.Equipped with godly convictions and spiritual understanding, any woman can grow into a mighty vessel of God! ”

The whole book online reading or download:

or you may buy the book

The Woman Question By: Kenneth E. Hagin

Faith Library Publications / 2001 / Paperback
the woman q contents the woman question KH

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