Healing the sick world: God’s Way (2)

Here is the second installment for sick world solutions, God’s Way. At midnight I was led to look for this book. Here is the book (I quoted parts only). I have found her apostolic and prophetic messages recalled from back shelves when the right time came for their spot-on release. It was like she pre-recorded them long before the actual events took place!

_________________________Here is a book for watchman/intercessor


Men and women who live rightly before God can ‘lift’ their cities and nations by their verbal invocations of blessings. The … church must certainly attain the place where she will, in clarity and accuracy, be able to, make invocations into the nation to lift her up above the COMING FLOOD.

“By the blessing of the upright, the city is exalted.”  (Proverbs 11:11a)

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The Different Types of ‘Floods’

God is Always King Above the ‘Floods’

How Do We Lift Up Our Nation?

Building the Genuine Prayer Momentum


Introduction (excerpts)

Demonic Influence and Harassment

The recent violent crimes that have rocked our nation are surely out of the ‘regular’ and truly abnormal. Something more than the natural (involving just human beings) is involved. An element of the demonic, the ‘irregular’ or the supernatural had influenced and controlled the minds of these ‘regular family’ people and incited them to perform such inhuman acts.

Take for example, the ‘family’ man who kidnapped his own seven-year-old brother-in-law for money…Then he coolly accompanied his in-laws to the police station to report that the little boy was missing!

Then there was the sixteen-year-old teenager who was raped by a boy who was actually a family friend…

These violent cases of rape and murder were not committed by strangers or psychotic criminals but by family friends and trusted relatives…and demons were there to help them fulfill their inordinate desires.

Two years ago, when a 10-year-old girl was gang raped (by security guards in their guard house), even a secular newspaper columnist could discern the cause of such evil…

Spiritual Cohesion and Integration
The point of cohesion and integration is always in the spiritual realm. When we stray from God, everything, starting from our minds, comes apart. Moses gave us a fearful revelation of what would happen to a nation when her people depart from God and lose all spiritual cohesion (Deut 28:53-58)…

Yes, men’s basest and vilest appetites with their follies, anomalies, propensities and madness cannot be restrained without God…

Sick and Loathsome Appetites
In fact, without God even that which is legitimately pleasant and pleasing to our souls initially will eventually make us sick…Numbers 11:20…eventually turn into a curse and become loathsome and abhorrent. Such is the power of God’s influence upon our lives – oh, that we will not lose it!…

King Solomon had everything he wanted …but his final confession was that the things which he once delighted in had now brought him ‘vexation and weariness.’…(Ecclesiastes 7:26)!

God’s Presence is the Restraining Order
Human behaviour is becoming more and more abnormal, vile, violent and animalistic because of the lack of God’s influence and reality…It is He who inspires us and works into us to produce the highest good. It is God who can completely change us and ‘save us to the uttermost.’

Amidst this rising flood of violent and abnormal crimes that are fuelled by man’s vile and unchecked appetites and demonic influence, we have other dangers too – the looming threats from earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and ‘untreatable’ sicknesses and diseases. ..What hope do we have in the days ahead when the armies, the navies, scientists, doctors, moral counsellors, gifted politicians and police will have no control over the prevailing evil?

Nature Affected by Men’s Sins
What chances of survival do the nations of the earth have should God withdraw His presence and His reality from them and cut them off from His godly influence? …This is what the word of God says:

“The earth reels to and fro like a drunken man and sways like a watchmen’s shelter; the sins of men weigh heavy upon it” (Isaiah 24:20 NEB, emphasis mine).

“Your wrong doing has upset nature’s order and your sins have kept from you kindly gifts” (Jeremiah 5:25 NEB).

Men’s sins upsetting nature’s order! …Luke tells us in 21:25-26 that part of God’s end-time judgment will be the onslaught of tsunamis:

“On earth nations will stand helpless, not knowing which way to turn from the roar and surge of the sea (tsunamis), men will faint with terror at the thought of all that is coming upon the world” (Luke 21:25-26 NEB, emphasis mine).

How can we stop the ravages of sin, which in turn have upset nature’s order? How can we stop the influence and infiltration of demons upon human behaviour? How can we stop God’s judgments from coming upon our nation? Can our country be lifted up above this coming ugly physical and spiritual flood or will we be beaten down by its merciless waves and billows and be drowned in its swirling dark waters?…
lifting the nations above the flood


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