further notes on why Christian wives do not obey Christian husbands

I posted the above notes on 6/20/2013. From the continuous near top ranking of viewership, I realized how relevant this subject is to Christians who desire to live the kingdom of God living that Jesus had promised! We are promised abundant life from Jesus. We are promised the blessings that God had given to Abraham. We are called sons (children) of God. We can live the divine supernatural life that Jesus lives. As He is so are we in this world. This is His promise! We have the mind of Christ. Jesus has become our wisdom. We are more than conquerors in Christ. We can do all things in Christ who strengthens us. We are joined to the Lord Jesus and become one spirit with Him. We can call God our Abba Father! We are heirs of God, fellow heirs with Christ sharing His inheritance! God loved us so much that He did not spare His only Son and gave Him up for us all, how else would He not also with Him freely and graciously give us all other things? This breath-taking awesome, wonderful list about who we are and what we already have is endless.

So, coming back to the problem of wives and husbands not walking in love of God and not in one spirit with Jesus, what shall we do? The key I have discovered is the word “ONE”. Jesus gave His last command to His disciples before He went to the cross. The command was to love one another and become ONE. One with each other as a corporate body of Jesus, and one with Jesus who is one with God.

Spiritual disunity is the only weapon the devil has against the power of the church as a body of Jesus Christ. No unity as one body of Jesus Christ, no power. Anyone outside the body of Christ is left alone to feign for himself. Who is the body of Christ? When two or three gather together in the name of Jesus Christ, worship and pray in unity, one Lord, one Spirit, joined together as one with Jesus, they become the body of Jesus Christ.

In the family, the same principle applies. The husband and wife and children gather together in the name of Jesus Christ, joined to Jesus, one spirit with Him, worship and pray in unity, bonded by the same love of God, led by the same Holy Spirit of Christ, read and believe the same word of God, the Bible, they are the body of Christ.

The same weapon the enemy of God uses in Christian family is disunity. The disunity is caused by disunity in spirits. We do not war against flesh and blood. Paul warned. Please read Ephesians and pray the verses to break through for you and your family!

My prayer is your spiritual eyes will open as you read and believe God’s words.

Jesus heals your broken family! By His wounds you are healed!
Jesus heals your broken family! By His wounds you are healed!


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