dear junior: God has created man to run freely!

dear junior: lately I think of your unhappiness about being temporarily (hopefully until another place is available in an ordinary school) assigned to a rather famous football school and you are determined not to take part in this sport! you said it’s difficult to keep the football still and you fear you may trip over it. you are also unhappy as your classmates are all keen footballers aiming to make the national team for school girls of your age! being unfamiliar with the game you fear you may hamper their chances of representing the school or even the nation…

I think differently. there are many significant positive advantages you already have:

1. you dance. you can still be nimble on your feet if you switch your mind now to dance football instead of swan lake. but it’s no harm to think of dancing the black swan’s powerful dance.

2. your size. you can easily make it as a goal keeper or even one of those whose sole role is to block others from seeing the goal post clearly or getting at the football.

3. your weight. no one will want to be fallen on or even trampled on by you. if I were your classmates I would stay a safe distance goal or no goal.

4. your physical power. the impact of your charging at someone or near someone is not what an ordinary school girl, football champion or not, want to imagine. I have looked at your school mates and found none comparable to your potential powerful impact.

5. you like fun. yes, football is fun. just imagine, a bunch of kids going after a tiny rubber ball all over the green field under the bright sunshine, with the cool wind blowing on them. no boring home work except practicing running around the field. I would love to sit for exam in the fresh airy outdoor for a change!

6. you want to grow up. yes, training in the field makes one grow up a lot. you will have physical and mental fitness, better self control too in emotion!

7. you want to have friends. plenty will come. it is a team game. more fun than dancing ballet.

By the way do you know our Father God enjoys sports? He is our Creator. He created human to run freely in the outdoor. That is why we have such perfect coordination in the body. We are made to do physical activities/exercises. How else do you think Abraham and Sarah managed to walk that far and that long at their rather senior ages? Our Savior Jesus and His disciples walked from place to place, cities, towns, villages.

One day you will be required to walk in very remote places, doing what Jesus and His disciples did. Being a graduate from a football school will go a long way for you…cheer up! God loves you very much. You will be surprised. He will cause all things to work for the good of those who love Him, those who are called according to His purpose!

meanwhile, just enjoy your young life in whatever situation you are in. enjoy the walking and running. enjoy the team work. enjoy the self-discipline. enjoy the outdoor when there is still fresh air. enjoy the sunshine. enjoy the companionship.

p/s: I always think clearer when I walk a long distance…I do better in exam too after that!

girl footballer


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