Healing key: Don’t wait. Shout now.

When others were trying to shut him up, one blind man shouted louder to Jesus. he knew. He believed.  He wanted the healing that Jesus has given to the multitudes. He trusted the mercy and compassion of God, in Jesus. He never saw with his own eyes. He was physically blind. He merely heard how great God’s work was through Jesus, but he believed and he was healed! The crucial verses: 47 And when he heard that it was Jesus of Nazareth, he began to cry out and say, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!” 48 Then many warned him to be quiet; but he cried out all the more, “Son of David, have mercy on me!” (Jesus Heals Blind Bartimaeus. Mark 10:46-52) So, whoever you are, just come to a meeting where many are not waiting at home or in hospital dying in despair. Many are walking by faith in Jesus. For a change, listen to this song, which is highly spirited. Sing along. Don’t wait till the battle is over Don’t wait till the victory is won Don’t wait till it’s already done So don’t wait (C) Don’t wait…(L) Don’t wait..(L) Shout now ..Hey… Shout now.. Oh now if your sick in you body The doctors say you won’t get well Oh don’t you fret no don’t you worry Oh cause Jesus He never fails So don’t wait… (L) Shout now Oh now that’s like concerning His promise He’ll do what He said He will do Whatever the Lord done for others I know He’ll do the same for you So don’t wait …(C) Don’t wait (L) Shout now.. Don’t you worry about the future Don’t worry bout what lies ahead Don’t see the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging for bread So don’t wait.. Ow… clap you hand..(L) Shout now.. Clap your hands Pound your feet Do your dance Leap for joy Shout now (Shout Now by Shirley Murdock) What happened when believers shouted? Read Joshua 6:20. The evil walls of Jericho came crushing down. Share – EarthChannel Player v4 http://view.earthchannel.com/PlayerController.aspx?&PGD=wholelife&eID=429 the song Shout now starts around 27:38 (praise team: offertory)

Joshua 6 Jericho march
Joshua 6 Jericho march

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