Our Creator has put this word “HOPE” in us

Dear ‘friend’:
after writing to you a ‘letter’ in which I tried to pretend I had put back time to 49 years ago when we were very very young, I could not sleep. We are no longer 49 years younger. Our bodies have changed. When you see me, you will not recognize me..
I talked sometime with God, about the state we have become today. Then I slept, promising that I would write a today’s letter today.
This morning I woke at 4+am, pottered around in the kitchen and got down to sitting at the usual low prayer table around 5am. When I woke these days I usually heard words, one or two key words from the Lord.
Today’s word is, “HOPE”!
Then I had a long discourse with the Lord in bed about the word hope. Here is the summary of my conversation. I was told by the Lord this is for you too. My words are useless and of no value in eternity. But God’s words count. They mean a lot to me and I have experienced the reality of the words myself.
A summary of my early morning discourse with God: Here are His answers to my personal questions about life in His kingdom. (The summary is based on His words in the Bible as they are recalled in my memory)
  1. Hope is the only word that does not disappoint.
  2. Hope is real even though we cannot see it in the physical yet.
  3. What hope stands for is real. It is real in the spiritual realm.
  4. We walk by faith and not by sight.
  5. Faith is a supernatural power that will bring the reality in the spiritual to the physical.
  6. Our Creator has put this word “HOPE” in us.
  7. We actually practice hope in our daily living: growing up, school, work, marriage, raising family, friendship/relationship, society, nation, the world.
  8. Hope is not a legal entitlement. It is a grace (undeserved favor).
  9. Our belief in a Higher Being of Goodness and Mercy gives hope credibility.
  10. God is the Higher Being of goodness, mercy, and faithfulness (to His Word).
My friend, one of my favorite verses from school days is this one:
“Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end.” (Ecclesiastes 3:11)
(One song I used to like in school is “There is a time for everything”. I didn’t know then where it came from. Now I know. It is also from the book of Ecclesiastes.)
What is my conclusion after the early morning discourse with God? Don’t give up on God, you are loved.
I was then filled with hope and I prayed for you as I had never done before. I believe in prayers. I have seen people being healed after prayed for. My own eldest brother miraculously healed from the verges of death three times! In recent years I read, saw, heard healing testimonies from people who suffered all sorts of terminal diseases or conditions. Divine healing is real!!!
One condition: you must want to be healed and live on. you have more motivation than I do. You have two grown children. They love you. You have  friends who care for you. You have more than many people do.
When you say yes to healing, you have this “HOPE” that God has given. hope anchors the soul

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