use the invincible weapon: Praise !

Praise God ! Praise Him ! Praise Him !

First Responders – Pastor Sandra Kennedy

February 16, 2014

spontaneous praise comes on around 26th minute. Very good! Powerful !

Healed ! Praise God for His goodness. praise Him for what He has done for me. For you. For our loved ones. For so many who had suffered so much like the woman who used up all her money for medical treatment but remained unhealed until she touched Jesus! Praise God!

Let the Holy Spirit wind carries you high above and sing and dance praises to the Most High God !

Song: (parts)

Look what the Lord has done
Look what the Lord has done
He healed my body
He touched my mind
He saved me just in time

Oh I’m gonna praise His Name
Each day it’s just the same
Come on and praise Him
Look what the Lord has done

filled with holy spirit

I have danced and moved so much this morning and got rid of all my stiffness !
Suddenly i thought now of Grace our little but faithful dog. She dances a little ritual (speed turning in circles)  dance every time we go home. She wants to show to us how much she rejoices seeing us home! When she was hurting due to the car accident, she tried to turn herself (as part of dance) but couldn’t because of pain. She walked a big circle instead and it was so touching! Even a little dog wants to show how much she loves us who take care of her since she came to our home. What more shall I do to show the Father in heaven how much I love Him and am really grateful that He has preserved my life and saved me and brought me back to His home?
I can feel tears rolling down my cheek now.

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