continue to walk in divine health

I am listening to “the closer the victory the greater the battle”, 061712 Pastr SK’s message. Truly today’s happening in the heavenly places, and that’s why possibly in recent years, some old guards in intercession and watchwomen and watchmen had ‘retired’ or ‘rested’ in the Lord.
The battle they went through was intense as the Lord’s return was nearer. Don’t forget, a thousand years is a mere one day to heaven.
The old guards have slowed down and their successors are not yet ready, thereby resulting a gap, which is ‘today’.
But Jesus told His disciples not to worry as it would not even change a bit of what is happening in the heavenly realm. “Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?” (Matthew 6:27)
What do we do now that we know the urgency of times and the nearer and nearer footsteps from the Lord?
Here are some of this blogger’s notes:
1. Some can be devoured (by the enemy who is marching in great hurry too) and some can’t. Don’t be devoured. Don’t stray from the flocks who stick together and follow the shepherd. Discern the Good Shepherd’s presence and stick to that group at the time and space to which you are assigned by the Lord.
2. Be a good shepherd in whatever small assignment we each are assigned to.
3. Have no doubt on God, His goodness, His best plan for you and those called by His name, including your loved ones, your co-laborers in the harvest field.
4. Make sure we preach the full counsel of God. That’s the condition for signs and wonders and miracles to happen. God confirms His Word. If we preach half, we get half result. If we preach the full Gospel, we get the full fruit.
Questions posed to me today by AW’s teaching on “God wants you well”:
quote: “are you consistently walking in divine health?
are the people you pray for regularly healed?
If not, then you ought to seriously consider the truths I’m sharing.” unquote.
I realized since my brief first round of faith in action that changes are the only ‘constant’ now. Change is the key. Change my mouth. Get my words line up with what God says.
God confirms only His Word. by signs, wonders, miracles. He did this for Jesus. He did this for the early church disciples. Today He is the same. He does it for all who believe and not doubt His Word. This is how battles are being won moment by moment. Jesus has won. so shall we in reaching out and receiving his victory. Healing is already a done deal. Jesus had paid with His life.
Quote (from AW’s book*): “We’re not just saved from hell, our sins, and future punishment -Jesus also came to deliver, protect, and provide for us in this physical world right now.” (Galatians 1:4)
Have faith in God. continue to walk in divine health.
Recommended by this blogger: Invest your time (life) in positive Word of God. Visit these links and listen to the healing messages/teachings. You will be helped! God wants you well!
God wants you well -healed
*”God wants you well” (what the Bible really says about walking in divine Health) by Andrew Wommack.

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