Fast and pray life testimony

This post continues the previous one on why do I fast. I shall explain further on the principles with examples.

To minister in the Holy Spirit requires the minister to set apart in purity and holiness.

It means he or she does not spend time on any man issues. The apostles focused on prayer n teaching the words of God.

Sin is not necessarily our own. Others’ sin also crouches at the door waiting to gain a foothold into our chambers too.

For example, a brother or sister may keep complaining about the symptoms they are suffering and repeatedly demanding your ready ears and showering them with agreement just to show they are right and not lying.

But what really happens in the spiritual ? The devil gains a foothold into your inner chamber of peace that comes through being in Christ Jesus .

The disciples of Jesus encountered this problem when they were involved in argument with the religious authority, the relatives of the patient, and even the onlookers. The unbelief that came out of the pit of hell succeeded in obstructing the disciples healing the epileptic boy.

The sin of unbelief from others entangled, obstructed and stumbled them from running the race of faith in Jesus !

Loss of peace leads to fear of men . Fear of men leads to loss of the effectual use of Jesus name and authority.

We must always be in focus. Our focus is Jesus and Jesus Christ alone .

Fast and pray and reading the words of God keep us focused correctly. All the resources we need for a more than conqueror life are already given to us in the spiritual realm in Christ. Ephesians 1:3.

We do not war against flesh and blood. Those who allow their bodies or their minds and emotions to control them , they are mere men. No match for the spiritual enemies. They will let sin conquer them no matter how much they know in their mind and how hard they work in their body. The natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God . 1Co 2:14. To be carnally minded is death . Carnal mind is enmity against God. Romans 8:6-7.

Jesus said this plainly : It is the Spirit who gives life . The flesh (body , mind , emotion , five senses , natural laws , desires and efforts derived from these ) profits nothing. The words I speak to you , they are spirit, and they are life . John 6:63

We need to join to the Lord and be one spirit with Him. For we are members of His body , of His flesh , of His bone. Jesus is the vine and branches disconnected from Him are useless in the spiritual realm. All these refer to joining in our spirit to the Spirit of Christ . (1Co6:17;Ephesians 5:30; John 15:5 )

Fast and pray and reading the words of God keep us focused on Jesus and let the mind of Christ take charge over our mind, and indeed replace ours. The supernatural takes over. God with us and in us and for us.  Who can be against us ? Romans 8:31.

The Son of God manifests in us to destroy that works of the devil . Victory ensured. 1 John 3:8.

In summary : Fast to subdue the flesh. Pray in the Spirit to join to the Lord’s Spirit . Read the words of God to wash and cleanse (John 15:3; Ephesians 5:26), proclaim faith in the unseen God , know the will of God , as a sword of the Spirit, indeed , as full armor of God (Ephesians 6:13)

Further notes : when I personally obeyed and followed the leading of the Holy Spirit recently , I saw evidences of spiritual breakthroughs in those for whom I interceded. It’s worth the fast ! The Pentecost Sunday witnessed a mini revival in the spirit of slumbering men.


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