Healed experience: more about fasting

I have personally practiced consistent fasting and praying for several years now. The fruit is evident. I shall share in this post some practical ways for those who want to start and those who want to go up another level. I shall not presume anything for anyone. I pray that each believer seeks God personally and be led by the Holy Spirit.

Esther fast: this is a three days’ fast without food or water. Unless you have practiced this together with other more experienced believers and have prepared yourself by regularly practicing other minor fasting, don’t do this in your first attempt to fast! I sometimes modify by taking water and perhaps one to three drinks a day.

What to do during Esther fast?

I normally rise early to take a shower, freshen myself, sit or walk around the house a bit doing light minor housekeeping. I spend a lot of time listening to audio Bible using a portable speaker player. I can sit or lie down at intervals. My time for sleep may vary from the normal day. (Don’t over-sleep or lie down for too long at one time or you may feel muscle stiffness.) I usually take short naps at intervals. Listening to the whole Bible is a wonderful and rewarding experience. During intervals I pray softly if possible. On a full Esther fast, this may be difficult for some because you may feel dryness in your mouth and can hardly make a sound. However, during my past two corporate Esther fasts some of us were able to have our regular morning worship and praise sessions together.

Other fasts:

If you are a beginner, start by skipping one meal or reducing the quantity of your normal food intake. you may do it on alternate days. Someone may start with fasting three meals on one day each week. what to do during the meal time when you are fasting? Read the Bible or listen to the audio Bible. You may pray as you listen and are moved by the words of God.

I started with weekly one meal one day several years ago. Then I progressed to full fast from dawn to dusk one day a week. The next level is fasting three solid meals and taking only liquid drinks. From one day’s fast per week progress to alternate day’s fast. From seven days progress to fourteen, twenty one, thirty-forty days as led by the Spirit of the Lord.

There are many readily available Christian resources on how to fast. I bought a little book written by a Korean woman pastor who was known for fasting and praying. She was the pioneer for the prayer mountain. It was very practical and helped me to get started.

After I have practiced periodic fasting for several years, I found that I could make fasting and praying my regular way of life. It was a major breakthrough in my Christian walk. As written in my previous many articles, fasting is a powerful and effective weapon in overcoming many aspects of lives, including diseases. It is a good way of living for those who want to draw closer to the unseen God. The whole purpose of fasting is to focus on God.

However, this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.
But you, when you fast, anoint your head and wash your face,
fasting and praying - a Christian way of life
fasting and praying – a Christian way of life

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