What does Jesus say about inner healing

The power of the Holy Spirit has overcome the power of sin and set free those who believe in Jesus. This is important to know and believe because the power of sin attacks the mind.
Uncertainty, lack of knowledge, and the feeling of loss of control cause stress and fear. Fear opens door to further attacks in the mind and in the body.
Today we read what Jesus says about inner suffering and feeling of inadequacy which are main culprits that hinder believers receiving or maintaining healed mind.
John4:4-30 recorded an episode of how a woman of ‘ill reputation’ received her complete inner healing from her encounter with Jesus.
Her external conditions that put her down:
She was a woman (a woman’s status only comes through her father or husband and she does not have either).
She was a Samaritan. (Jews looked down on Samaritans).
She married five times. Marriage was the main source of security. Imagine the trauma of five divorces or death of a spouse.
She was now living with a man who was not her husband (possibly someone else’s husband)! The bitterness and hurt she must have gone through and was still suffering must be deep and hard to erase.
She had probably been ostracized by the local women community and had no social support. That’s why she could not join them who would normally come outside in the cool evening instead of the hot noontime. The shame and humiliation due to rejection she must be suffering could be tremendous.
How did Jesus heal her?
Let’s read the several key verses: (with my notes in brackets)
1. Give Me a drink. (Give Me your inadequacy) (4:8)
2. If you knew the gift of God, and I Am, you would have asked Him, and He would have given you living water. (Know who I Am and ask and I shall give you My super abundant life, the Holy Spirit). (4:10)
3. Go, call your husband, and come here. (Confront what you cannot, deal with your falsehood)(4:16)
4. You have well said, I have no husband…in that you spoke truly. (Thank you for your honest admission and  confession; you are now free now from your bandages)(4:17)
5. God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth. (When I give you My Spirit, you will be able to draw near to God, join to Him in spirit. That’s how you reach God) (4:24) (1Corinthians 6:17)
6. I who speak to you am He. (Believe in Me. I am the One you are looking for. I am the Savior. I can give you the new life you long for.) (4:26)
This woman believed and was completely healed and set free! She ran back to the city and started a new life of witnessing for Jesus.



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