more conversation with God: how to love

1John419Today we learn about how to love. It has been a long and difficult journey in healing from the lack of love. Many hurt because of lack of love: feeling unloved; feeling unlovable; feeling inability to love.

Having gone through all stages, I find that the best cure is still from the Lord. God is love. There is no lack of love when our heavenly Father says He is love. He loved so much that He gave His beloved Son to us. Jesus demonstrated this love by dying for us while we were still strangers to Him. We did not know Him. We did not love Him. Some people even hated Him. But He died for the world. He died for all people.

I first encountered love on a Sunday when I attended a worship service held in a hotel for Christian travelers like me. I lived in a hotel for six months. A colleague took me to the Sunday service in a hotel next door. During the worship I found myself weeping. Tears flowed out of my eyes. I was overwhelmed by God’s presence – God’s love. That was the first time I encountered God and the meaning of “God is love.”

The love of God was overpowering. It was the beginning of my journey in love: learning how to love, feeling lovable, and loving. The presence of God assured me that I was not unloved. I became the beloved. The transformation came to my spirit as the Holy Spirit poured out God’s love on me. I then understood what Jesus meant when He instructed His disciples to stay in His love and love one another.

It was God who sought me out with His love. Pure grace. Pure undeserved favour.


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