watchman’s 3 am discourse : So let’s stop condemning each other

AAAJ watchman

no condemnationThe conflicts within churches and between churches usually concern matters that the Lord Jesus has foreseen and adequately prepared Christians to overcome. One thing that causes many conflicts is ‘not knowing’ God enough. The watchman has traveled further and deeper in his spiritual walk and found that this rift between believers is indeed getting wider like pieces of driftwood being tossed apart in a raging ocean.

A common cause of differences is the issues of practicing what Biblical truth. Healing is one of the most frequent subjects. The spectrum of belief and practice of divine healing ranges from Christians who allow pastors and other church members to pray for their sicknesses to be healed through the medical doctors’ or hospitals’ treatments, medicines, and surgeries etc to those who believe in actively appropriating/taking divine healing by proclaiming and thereby receiving the word of God – “By Jesus’ stripes we are healed”…

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