testimonies of the healed ones

I am sharing an link as follows where you can find lots of testimonies about divine healing.




Healing Testimony – Malignant Skin Tumor — Healed

Mike Hoesch’s Mountain

Back in 2000, Mike Hoesch had an itch, and though he scratched it, the itch persisted. Because he was unable to find relief, Mike examined the itchy area on his chest, and he noticed a pimple-sized sore. He dismissed it, but the itch remained.

Months passed and the sore did not go away; it began to worsen…Over the next six years Mike’s once pimple-sized sore metastasized to become a very large and troublesome tumor requiring cleaning and bandaging several times a day. He became increasingly weak as the tumor slowly drained the life out of him. In his weakened condition he was forced to quit his job with the ministry…In March of 2008, as Mike was wrestling with faith and his beliefs, a friend brought him Andrew’s teaching series, You’ve Already Got It. Through Andrew’s messages the Lord confirmed the things He had been showing Mike in the Word, and Mike’s eyes began to open to the truth…As a result he completely let go of his tumor, switching his focus to Jesus, to receive what He had provided. A month after his revelation, Caroline was helping Mike change the dressing when the couple realized that the tumor had decreased in size. Approximately five months later Mike’s chest was clear. He has now completed his courses in Charis Bible College and become a minister. Watch this: https://vimeo.com/129897058


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