More healed testimonies: watch Stage 4 Cancer – Healed!

healing_mullins15” Mike and Aster Mullins live with their family in Buncrana, Co. Donegal, Ireland, the home of the famous hymn, Amazing Grace. In September of 2009, they welcomed their fourth son into the world. Their new baby, Andrew, was the Mullins’ fifth child, and from the beginning, Aster considered him her victory baby.

In December 2010, Mike and Aster noticed something was bothering Andrew. Their 15-month-old was behaving strangely; he was not eating well, he was losing weight, and he had begun banging his head. Troubled, the Mullins had Andrew examined by their family doctor, and they found that Andrew had infections in both ears. The doctor prescribed antibiotics, and the Mullins went about their business—off to Holland to celebrate Christmas.

When they returned to Ireland after Christmas, Andrew was still not well and Aster noticed a small lump on his back. When she saw it, she was gripped with fear… Faithful as always, the Lord showed Aster the story of Ehud (Judges 3:12-25). Through this passage, Aster saw her weapon revealed; she saw Ehud’s double-edged dagger as the Word of God, and she thrust her dagger into the remaining cancer. As they gathered to lay hands on Andrew, Aster prayed, “Cancer, Neuroblastoma, I’ve got a message from God for you…By His stripes, Andrew is healed.” Aster left that word of God there in Andrew’s belly, not adding anything else to it because she saw in the Scriptures that Ehud did not remove his dagger from the king’s belly. She knew that in the end, the medical team would find that Andrew’s cancer, like king Eglon, was dead on the floor. Her conviction that nothing could stand against the Word of God gave her confidence that her son would be completely cancer free and unaffected by the vicious treatment medications, the side effects of which, can also be devastating.

After treatment, when Andrew was tested again for cancer, and for any damage caused by the treatment, his results came back perfect; there was no sign of cancer or damage to any of his organs. His eyesight, hearing, heart, lungs and both kidneys were perfect. The Mullins chose to believe what they had learned from Andrew Wommack, the truth about God—that it is always His will to heal—always. The Mullins’ victory, and revelation of God’s amazing grace has brought them a freshness, excitement and confidence in the love and goodness of God.” (excerpts from- Amazed By Grace – :;; many:


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