Healed testimony: depression

depressed woman

Healed testimony: Personally I know of people healed of severe depression through God’s words and prayers. A primary care doctor started weekly Bible study and prayer meetings with a small group of Christin women (friends) who all had suffered from depressions. They had depressions for many years, gone through various treatments of psychiatric medications (with psychological therapies), and were still suffering the fluctuation of moods, and drug-associated side effects. Relationship and quality of lives were adversely affected. The outcome after months and years of persistent and consistent meetings was that all were able to resume functioning of their daily lives without regular doses of medications or lapses that warrant hospitalization. The Christian women who attended the meetings regularly were able to participate more in their daily living, and enjoy a better quality of life with their loved ones. Some went on to creating and building a successful career for themselves.

Here is a summary of what they do in the weekly Bible study meetings:

  1. Worship and praise God in Spirit and in Truth. Pray in the Spirit.
  2. Read the positive words of God in the Bible.
  3. Learn to watch the mouth and thought: not to believe and repeat the lies (negative thoughts) in the mind with the mouth.
  4. Learn to challenge the negative thoughts and substitute with positive thoughts (read in the Bible): believe in all the good things that Jesus has done for each of us, copy a list of them, proclaim aloud the list.
  5. Share and pray for one another, using the positive words from the Bible.
  6. Have sisterly fellowship. Share and pray for families and loved ones.
  7. Learn to focus on what God cares for instead of just themselves. Look at the big picture. Pray for the needs of others as they are led by the Spirit of God (the Holy Spirit).

The materials used during the meetings:

  1. the Bible
  2. a classic book on healing: Healing the Sick

Posted in my blog previously. Highly recommended book: Healing


It’s a book worth keeping, giving to others, and referring to from time to time.

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