Sharing on healing and receiving from God

20160129_122940 copyI received this healing teaching recently. It says exactly many of us worried about. Why we still see the symptoms? How shall we deal with them?

Sharing on healing and receiving from God

(Mohr’s Intern – 1/25/16)

You speak to it, whatever it is, and then you praise God.

Warts on her daughter’s hand and feet were very upsetting to her daughter at 11 years old.

“We are going to pray and then every morning when you wake up you are going to say, ‘Thank you, Jesus, that they are gone.’”

It took 28 days and the warts were all gone!  What if she would have said after 2 days, “Nothing is happening,” and stopped?

When you have something visual on your body that you see every day in the mirror it is harder to believe.  “This is how it is for me.  When it is a pain on the inside of me it is easy to speak to.  But when it is something I see in the mirror, it takes extra more faith, right?”

God wants us to thank Him and praise Him as if it has already happened.  THAT IS WHAT BRINGS THE VICTORY.

If your victory is only going to take 11 days, could you take captive every single thought that comes into your mind that does not line up with the truth?  Can you put on worship music every time that symptom comes back or every time you get a thought of the issue that you have declared healing or victory over?

Can I say, every time I have a thought about it, “Nope, I have spoken over it and it is done!”

Only 2 Israelites entered into the Promised Land because the others did not trust God.  They complained, but they did not trust.  Even though they had seen miracle after miracle, they kept going back to that mentality of unbelief.

As we walk through this journey – whatever we are going through – it is so important to have the Word of God before our eyes the whole time.  We learn by seeing, by hearing, by speaking.  That is how the Word of God becomes alive in us.

Many times we take a scripture that we have in our head – that we already know – and we quote it and may even speak it out.

Kenneth Copeland said that we may know what a food tastes like, that it is good, but my memory of this food does not give my body nutrition UNLESS I EAT IT.  It is the same with the Word of God.

Denise, you may have knowledge of the Word, but you may actually be starving spiritually because you are not feasting on the Word.

When you are busy or hurting you may think it is enough to take out the scriptures that you have in your head, but the Word needs to be before your eyes.

The quick and powerful Word of God – Keep It Always Before Your Eyes.

Speak it.  Hear yourself say it.  Our words are more powerful than anyone else’s words.  Faith comes by

hearing and hearing by the Word of God.  Our faith grows the most when our heart and our ears hear

our mouth speak out the Word of God.

Carrie Pickett:  Go back to basics. Spirit, Soul, and Body.

Have the Word in front of us all the time.  Have scriptures that you are looking at, speaking, meditating upon, and hearing.  Speak it out yourself.

We do not know when the end is coming.  The Israelites only had an 11 day journey but they made it take 40 years because they did not trust God.  We do not know how long our breakthrough is going to take.  But it could be only 11 days.  It could be only 28 days.  It may feel like we are in a corridor.

One of the reasons we are in a corridor is because God is trying to speak to us.

God is doing everything He can to move heaven and earth for me to get that revelation that I am believing for.  All He wants me to do is agree with Him.

Sometimes it looks like He is not doing anything, BUT HE IS!

Jesus is praying for me 24/7!!  What a blessing!  There is no one in this world that prays for us 24/7!  He wants me to get that revelation I need.

Andrew could have had the cancer on his ear taken care of by Doctors.  But he said, “If I am going to walk by faith, I need to stand on faith – this needs to go by faith.”

The biggest issue was all the unbelief people spoke over him.  Friends were saying, “That’s a melanoma.  That could be all throughout your body.”

The friends were in fear and they wanted Andrew to live.  Their motives were good, but they were not agreeing that he was healed.  What took so long for Andrew was that he had to get rid of all the unbelief.  He could see his ear and everyone else could see it.  When you have something visible and people speak it over you, even behind your back, those words need to be rebuked.

Think about what you say!  Don’t speak negative words over yourself or anyone…even if they cannot hear you.  We are walking with others on their journey.  We will not counter what they are trying to do.

We have to be aware that the delay is US, not the Lord.  The Holy Spirit wants to help us clean up the unbelief.

But NO CONDEMNATION!!  It is our journey that becomes our testimony!!

In your journey, when you feel it is never going to happen, remember that if the Israelites would have known that it was only an 11 day journey, they WOULDN’T HAVE COMPLAINED.  THEY WOULDN’T HAVE HAD ANY UNBELIEF.  They would have already “seen” the results and they would have trusted God.

We can ask God and sometimes He will tell us – but other times He says, “Trust Me, Trust Me.”

God is pleased with our faith.  Without faith it is impossible to please Him, so With Faith It IS Possible to Please Him!

He is looking for people who want to walk by faith.  Am I one of those?  Am I pleasing Him by my faith?  My faith is a testimony of the Gospel.

Maybe this thing I am dealing with I could solve itself.  You could have it removed or you could take medicine. “I challenge you today to ask God first.”  “God do you want me to walk this out by faith?”  “Make sure he says yes before you make a decision.”

“If we are not going to take something to believe for and walk it out in faith, how are we going to learn?”  How are we going to exercise our faith?  How are we going to know the power of God?

Just take what is bothering you – a mark on your body – a little thing – anything — and say, “Ok, God, I want to see this work.  I want this gone.  I don’t want to use all of the world’s ways.  I want to do it YOUR WAY – BY FAITH.  And I want to see it work!  It’s exciting because it is already done!  We know it is already done!”

The Israelites did have issues, like a slavery mentality.  BUT they saw all the miracles.  They could have believed.  They had the manna and the quail, and all the miracles back in Egypt that they saw first-hand, but they doubted God’s love, God’s power, God’s faithfulness.

Stay in that peace.  Stay in that thankfulness.  You WILL get your answer.  You WILL get your breakthrough.   You WILL get your revelation.   You WILL get your healing!


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