He prayed till His last breath: be healed!

BE HEALEDParenting does not come naturally. Adam and Eve did not do a good job and their eldest son murdered the second son. Adam knew all the right things in sacrifice and Abel learned and obeyed. Cain was taught but did not obey. In the end he chose to be overcome by sin: be jealous and covetous, vented his anger on God and on his brother, be a killer, would rather be banished from God’s presence than to reconcile with God by asking for forgiveness, would rather be condemned than to be saved, would rather walk by flesh rather than walk by the Spirit. Two sons. Abel turned out well and godly. Cain turned out evil. Why? Adam and Eve taught them the same living kills, the same moral principles, the same godly examples. One was the son of God. The other the son of the devil. Adam and Eve could not do anything about the choice made by their son. Why? today’s parents ask the same question too.

Why? I have seen many examples of good and evil living side by side in the same family. I recall the teaching of Jesus about God sowing good seeds for grains. But the devil come at night and sow bad seeds for weeds. On harvest the Lord will send His angels to burn the weeds first and then reap the good harvest of the produce of His good seeds. It means there will always be good and bad outcome in the same family among the siblings born of the same parents. Quite a frightening and sad thought. Is there anything the parents can do about it?

My observation is that often it is the parents who are the bad seeds. The parent(s) set an evil example in disobedience of their own parents. The parent(s) tell lies and says evil things of others. The parent(s) block the child from going to God and His words. The parent(s) choosing to live by flesh and giving all sorts of excuses for their own sins. The parent(s) choose to follow the world and not God’s way. Many more of such examples of parental failure.

Jesus and the apostles have clearly taught that what we sow will be what we reap. Why do Christian parents ignore God’s words? I ask. My conclusion is that they do not really believe in God. The reality of God. The reality of the Holy Spirit. The reality of God’s words. Whenever I offer God’s words to them after listening to their complaints about their children or parents they look impatient and turn their heart away. They do not want a permanent solution by healing the root cause of the sickness. They only want a bandaid. frightening and sad when I see the pattern of Adam and Eve repeating. Cain and Abel appearing. The blessed and the cursed. The innocent one being murdered. The evil one choosing a destiny to be condemned. The worst is that the parent(s) too becomes the condemned as they continue to ignore God’s way.

It is hard to remain silent. I pray for them. But I get older and more tired. I now appreciate how my own mother had prayed for her children, her siblings, her neighbors, her church members too. Was she ever sad? Was she ever tired? What about the early church disciples? Were they ever tired and sad as they prayed? Reading the Scripture we see that the disciples encountered the same problems. They merely pressed on always upward toward the goals that Jesus had called them. Was Jesus Himself ever tired and sad as He knew all about the heart of the ones He prayed for? Did He give up? He prayed until His last breath.


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