Grace Encounters: Five True Stories

AW grace encounter DVDGrace Encounters DVD

This package includes the Grace Encounters DVD—five stories of people who encountered grace in such an extraordinary way, their lives were changed forever. These stories include:

Two women with backgrounds of legalism and spiritual abuse were set free by the power of God.
A person walked away from a history of drug abuse through discovering how good God is.
A man in prison encountered God in a way that set him on a path to freedom and victory.
A couple who felt “unusable” by the Lord was so impacted by grace that it transformed them and sent them into the heart of Africa to set captives free.

This package will help you understand what the Bible says about God’s nature and love for you. Be inspired to have your own grace encounter with God.



a testimony from this blogger: transformed by the reality of a personal God

I was led to (more seriously) walk this journey in the Holy Spirit about ten years ago. My life has been totally made over and drastically transformed from a self-centered Christian who preferred the comfort zone, to the person whom God has originally designed and called me to be.

I am happy to testify that the journey is worth more than fine gold. I thank God who personally intervened in my life. He never abandoned me and in truth He lifted me up from the miry slippery spiritual snare and placed my feet on high and solid ground with Him. He filled me with His love and, yes, His Son. From a distance (in cold religious self-righteous stance) I have moved into personal relationship with my God, my Father in heaven, Jesus my Lord and my Savior, Holy Spirit, my teacher and my life power source.

Amongst other things He did, He put good teaching by Spirit and faith filled and Word believing disciples of Jesus into me.I have introduced many classic ones in this blog and other blogs.
Today I would mention a few of the contemporary ones (from whose teachings and lifestyle I have benefited).

They are familiar names to many. I would just add here some of the latest resources from them. I pray that all readers of this blog will be blessed too. They have led my eyes to focus on the trinity God: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. They have helped me to focus on the solid living words of God, which is life, and spirit, just as Jesus has declared.God and His Word have become real to me. They are real. This knowledge is not just in my soul, it is in my spirit. The personal reality of God as revealed to me has converted me.

They are (in chronological order of my exposure to their teachings): Joseph Prince (his earlier teachings on grace), Andrew Wommack (his all time teachings of the Bible), Heidi Baker (her personal relationship with God and her life testimonies), and Sandra Kennedy (her Whole Life Ministries’ worship and healing teachings; current prophetic messages). In addition, I also encountered solid prophetic Bible based teachings (often healing related) from several Asian pastors.

I would describe this unusual combination of ‘mentors’ the ‘right’ combination only my Father God can design for me at this season of my life. God knows. He cares. he provides. Always at the right time, the right place, with the right focus.

I am not saying that anyone of them is perfect. I just want to express my appreciation and thankfulness for the very important teachings they have given and are still giving, and in some cases, even free of charge.

I shall continue to introduce to readers, from time to time, materials which I have been led in my spirit to pass on to you at a particular time. Someone somewhere needs that material. I believe.

Here is what I have found today and would like to share with you:

Do support their worthy course according to what the Lord has urged you. At least stop for one today as Jesus leads her or him to you.
Jesus said, do the things I have been doing.
Jesus said, do the things I have been doing.

Heidi-Baker healing the deaf