Grace Encounters: Five True Stories

AW grace encounter DVDGrace Encounters DVD

This package includes the Grace Encounters DVD—five stories of people who encountered grace in such an extraordinary way, their lives were changed forever. These stories include:

Two women with backgrounds of legalism and spiritual abuse were set free by the power of God.
A person walked away from a history of drug abuse through discovering how good God is.
A man in prison encountered God in a way that set him on a path to freedom and victory.
A couple who felt “unusable” by the Lord was so impacted by grace that it transformed them and sent them into the heart of Africa to set captives free.

This package will help you understand what the Bible says about God’s nature and love for you. Be inspired to have your own grace encounter with God.



Living a Life of Fire and Faith quotes

I am led today to share some quotes from an evangelist of our time. Recently I have been interceding using the word “fire”. Today I suddenly thought of this evangelist’s autobiography, but I forgot its title. After I searched the internet I found that it’s aptly called, “Living a Life of Fire: An Autobiography” by Reinhard Bonnke. Indeed, it’s a time to call down supernatural fire. Many are suffering, oppressed, persecuted and lost. Some are forever lost without Jesus. Is this a time to build our own bigger and more luxurious houses with fancier ceilings? Good reminder from the old prophet Haggai. What is your call? That is the crux of the matter.

“It is said that resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for your enemy to die. There is no room for such a waste of energy in the service of God.”

“You have faith stories, too. No matter how small, remember them, recite them, count them, and celebrate them. They build your faith for what is coming next in your life.”

“When people decide not to take risks, this is why. They fear they might suffer unexpected consequences. And, as my ulcers and depression proved, the risk is real. But is that reason to hang onto the past? To cling to mediocrity? No. Doing that is the first step along the path of seeing a living faith become a dead one. The old place, the old building, the old method, the old success, is comforting. The new step is frightening. We must place our trust completely in God to move beyond these comfort zones in life.”

“Divine healings were signs and wonders to confirm the preaching of the gospel. He took the sick man by the hand and commanded that”

“When you pull up roots in order to fulfill a divine destiny, there is not a sense of pain or loss. Rather, there is a great expectation for things to come.”

“The need is not the call. This piece of wisdom has saved the lives of many a missionary, especially in Africa, where the needs are so great that they can pull you to pieces. A missionary can put out so many fires trying to meet needs around him that he suffers burnout. I have known missionary friends who said, “I hear the cry of lost souls calling me into the mission field.” These workers are headed for the missionary bone yard. They have responded to the call of the need rather than the call of God. We must go where God sends us, speak what He gives us to speak, hear His voice and obey it – this is our best protection from burnout. It will also guide us to the very best strategy for accomplishing His mission. For everything a man does to follow the call of God, there are ten things he does not do. We cannot do everything. We must focus on the call and not simply the needs.”

Faith: The Link with God’s Power by Reinhard Bonnke

“We do not first acquire the faith that we bring to Scripture. Scripture encourages faith. “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” (Romans 10:17).”

“Commitment Now, nobody can have unity on his or her own. You cannot be married on your own. There is no such thing as an independent believer. You cannot have unity by belonging nowhere.”

“Jesus did not call them—or you and me—to ditch their smiles and to wear sackcloth. His mission was not to turn people into “stick-in-the-muds.” Jesus Himself was not very conventional! The disciples caught His infectious spirit, one that would challenge the stuffy establishment. He showed them new things, especially faith and love, by which, they would conquer the world.”

“God the Deliverer The primary truth about God is that He is the Deliverer, the Emancipator, and the Savior. He is God only to the free. Faith is a venture that turns life into an adventure.”

“The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of unity. He is the bonding element. This bonding is a wonderful effect of faith in Christ. It is creative. It brings about a new kind of oneness not even known in the closest of earthly families.”

“Faith…needs to be matched with action. Belief is not just brain cells in motion. It demands a response. Do we do what we believe? If we believe in a seed, we plant it.”

The following write-up is quoted from :

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke is principally known for his Great Gospel Crusades throughout the Continent of Africa. The son of a pastor, Reinhard gave his life to the Lord at age nine, and heard the call to the African mission field before he was even a teenager. After attending Bible College in Wales, and his ordination in Germany he pastored a church and then went on to start missionary work in Africa. It was there, in the small mountain kingdom of Lesotho, that God placed upon his heart the vision of ‘the continent of Africa, being washed in the precious Blood of Jesus’ — an entire continent, from Cape Town to Cairo and from Dakar to Djibouti that needed to be reached and to hear the proclamation of the signs-following Gospel.

He began holding meetings in a tent that accommodated just 800 people, but, as attendance steadily increased, larger and larger tents had to be purchased, until finally, in 1984, he commissioned the construction of the world’s largest mobile structure — a tent capable of seating 34,000 people! Soon, attendance at his meetings even exceeded the capacity of this huge structure, and he began open-air Gospel Campaigns with an initial gathering of over 150,000 people per service! Since then, he has conducted city-wide meetings across the continent with as many as 1,600,000 people attending a single meeting using towering sound systems that can be heard for miles.
It has now been some thirty-five years since Reinhard Bonnke founded the international ministry of Christ for all Nations (CfaN), which currently has offices in the United States, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Nigeria, South Africa, Singapore, Australia, and Hong Kong.

Since the start of the new millennium, through a host of major events in Africa and other parts of the world, the ministry has recorded 55 million documented decisions for Jesus Christ.

As part of the discipleship-training program, 185 million copies of CfaN follow-up literature have been published in 103 languages and printed in 55 countries. Millions of books have been printed and freely ‘seeded’ in nations around the world. All this is in addition to the ‘Reinhard Bonnke School of Fire,’ an online, self-study course, aimed at inspiring others to Holy Spirit Evangelism and leading to either a certificate or university credits.

Reinhard Bonnke is also recognized for hosting ‘Fire Conferences’ in many different countries of the world, events that are aimed at equipping church leaders and workers for evangelism; for distributing over 95,500,000 copies of Minus to Plus, a profound salvation message, to homes around the world; and for seeking every opportunity to reach and to save the lost.

More recently, Bonnke has spent several years developing the ‘Full Flame Film Series,’ a series of eight inspirational films aimed at inspiring and challenging the church to Holy Spirit evangelism.

Evangelist Bonnke is married to Anni, father to Kai-Uwe, Gabrielle, and Susie, and grandfather to eight grandchildren.

Healed experience: what promotes healing in us

One major obstacle to a person receiving healing is the physical symptom. This blogger goes through the same issue from time to time. Symptoms cause suffering and fear: the most common question is “what shall we do when we see the symptoms and they seem to be getting worse (bigger, more discharges, more pain, more regular recurrences, more paralyzing stiffness, more impeaching normal functioning etc.).?”

The common fear is “are these symptoms life threatening?” The common doubt is “may be I have not yet been healed or am not being healed as the word of God has promised?”

I would share from my own experience and shall not presume anything for anyone.

The overall victory key is:  I would encourage everyone at all times to seek God and stay focused on Jesus Christ who is dwelling in every believer. Let the Holy Spirit and the Word of God continue to work the good work that God has started in each of us through Jesus Christ in us.

This is what I do when the symptoms appear:

  1. Stay focused on my position in Christ. This is the only victory position. Reaffirm and proclaim all the verses giving me assurance of this position.
  2. Pray. Use the name and authority of Jesus to command the symptoms, just as Jesus says, to speak to the mountain (in this case, the symptoms) to go and cast into the sea. Command the body to be restored to its original created design and function.
  3. Take the Holy Communion when led by the Holy Spirit, proclaiming and partaking the blood and the body of Jesus.
  4. Listen to the Bible, at all times, everywhere, using a handy and mobile speaker player of MP3. In times when I am led by the Holy Spirit, I listen to the whole Bible, many times.
  5. Read and copy the Bible verses as led by the Holy Spirit.
  6. Continue living a joyous life in the Spirit, praying in the Spirit, singing in the Spirit, worshiping and praising God in the Spirit.
  7. Fasting and praying. Do the Esther fast (three days without food or liquid) when led by the Holy Spirit. Do other fasts: like for seven (up to 40) days, taking one main meal a day or two light meals a day or just liquid fast for three days. The mode and length of time depends on how the Holy Spirit leads me.

When I do these, I am no longer limited in the physical realm where the apparent symptoms are. My spirit joins to the Lord and becomes one spirit with the Lord. (1 Corinthians 6:17) I cannot fight the symptoms in the physical. I can fight them in the spiritual. Joining to the Lord Jesus’ Spirit in my spirit is the way to victory.

One very powerful verse I rely very much on is from Galatians 2:20: I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me.

Why is this verse powerful? It declares first, Jesus Christ lives in me. It means by faith I can live His victorious sickness free and symptoms free life. When I so declare, I can see the effect on my physical being.

How do I use this verse? I just proclaim it by faith and believe without doubt. When I proclaim God’s words by faith the words truly become life and spirit to me. (John 6:63)

Please do not make the above list as a format or ritual. As I have said in the beginning, I share only my own personal experience in dealing with symptoms.

I have discovered that by using the mighty name of Jesus and His authority therein, I should not be focusing and magnifying the evil works of the enemy. There is no need to keep binding and casting out the demons. If you are led by the Holy Spirit to bind and cast out the spirit of fear, fine, just do it immediately. Use the name of Jesus Christ to bind and command it to go.

You must then immediately switch back to focus on your position in Christ and the fact that Christ is in you and He is the mighty God! God does not need to keep telling the devil to go. When you let God arise in you, the devil will flee. The manifestation of Jesus Christ in you destroys the works of the devil. (1 John 3:8)

What I am doing in the above seven steps keep me focus on God (Jesus Christ) in me and let God arise in me and God’s enemy be scattered even without my binding and casting out all the time.

Living an abundant life means living the constant presence of God in us. It is possible and practical. I have been living this transformed life for a number of years.

I pray that my brief sharing will help many to re-focus on God’s victory and no longer waste their lives in magnifying the devil and his works.

God is light. In Him there is no darkness. If you are still in darkness it means you have not come into God’s presence and stay in Him. Reading 1 John repeatedly will put you into the right spiritual realm with God.

the Word of God above all
the Word of God above all