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Broken Altars ‘Broken altars, scattered stones… symbols of a forgotten and hurting God. These crumbled fragments are the pathetic mementoes of a Forsaken love, of broken covenants, dead worship, polluted sacrifices, stifled visions and a longing and angry God. Are these the root of the present increase of earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and typhoons? Are these the cause behind the menacing invasion of sicknesses, epidemics and pandemics that defy all treatment and cure’Susan Tang

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excerpts from the Introduction:___________

May God, in His mercy, forgive us for allowing His altars to lie broken, scattered, desolate and unattended. The heaps of overturned stones look insignificant, but oh, its implications and consequences are horrifying and cannot be contained. These heaps of indistinct rubble expose the root of a nation’s sorrows and misfortune. They also unveil the loss of our soul’s intimacy with God, our sad failure to hold court with Him within the inner recesses of our soul. We have, in spite of our grand outward façade, lost our highest incentive in life, forfeited heaven’s holiest spell and even life itself.

Look at the unrest in the nations. Behold the perversion, the depravity, the meaningless genocides, the invasion of incurable sicknesses and diseases that defy medical treatment and a frothing and convulsing nature spewing out earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and typhoons, resulting in millions of deaths. Yet, the worst is yet to come because Jesus said that all these are just the beginning of sorrows.

Oh God, let Your strategy of ‘one covering or chasing a thousand’ be activated at once for this is so needful in a time like this. So few want to pray, and fewer still, are those who pray in accuracy. We have failed to pray in accuracy because we have failed to hear from You. God, lead those who do hear, those who do pray, the ones or twos who come together, to heal and to uplift the broken heart of a hurting God.

Will You hear even as You heard Abraham, Samuel and David?   In judgment, remember mercy.   As You make Your wrathful statements especially in Asia through the earthquakes, the tsunamis, typhoons, the menacing invasion of incurable sicknesses, remember Calvary.   Remember that these nations, however depraved, have been bathed by the blood of Jesus.

Oh God, surely Calvary pleased You. We know it did because it is so original, so selfless and oh, so very shocking – even to the devil. Calvary is something that the devil could never imitate. Yes, do not let Calvary go unheeded. For what You did on Calvary can cover many eternities. For Jesus’ sake and for Your own, withhold merciless judgment and let “one cover a thousand, two cover ten thousand.” Shorten the time of suffering, Lord, otherwise, who can be saved?”

Breakthrough at Sunset
God is calling the aged to ‘dream dreams’, to bear fruit, to flourish and to PRAY – SUSAN TANG

(you can download or read online the whole book at this link)

DEDICATION This book is lovingly dedicated to all senior citizens and elderly people within the Body of Christ in all nations. God has always associated the aged with honour. He addresses them as the ‘head’ in the nation and has used them as His powerful strategies against the powers of darkness. May His elderly saints live up to His expectation and calling! (Isaiah 9:6)
He has told you to ‘dream dreams,’ to be fruitful and to flourish in your old age, so obey Him! (Psalms 92:14). You are His powerful strategy and His plans can never be completed without you.



How to deal with your broken heart (step 5): believe that you can be healed! (updated on June 7 2018)

Here are more excerpts quoted from the above healing book for the emotionally hurting. I am led in my spirit to quote step 5 (excerpts only) this round. I pray you too will find the gems here encourage you to get hold of the whole book and read many times. Believe that you can be healed!

Blogger’s Update on June 7 2018: When I quoted this book five years ago I did not know about divine healing and the truth that a believer can claim the healing that Jesus had accomplished on the cross. He took away all diseases when He received the stripes on His back. It means the diseases whether mental or physical have no right to stay on your body. Jesus asked us to speak direct to the mountain and cast it away. You can declare the following verses and use the name of Jesus and command the symptoms and the causes thereof to leave you!

Isaiah 53:5But He was wounded for our transgressions,
He was bruised for our iniquities;
The chastisement for our peace was upon Him,
And by His stripes we are healed.”
Matthew 8:16-17
When evening had come, they brought to Him many who were demon-possessed. And He cast out the spirits with a word, and healed all who were sick, 17 that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Isaiah the prophet, saying:
“He Himself took our infirmities
And bore our sicknesses.”
1 Peter 2:24
who Himself bore our sins in His own body on the tree, that we, having died to sins, might live for righteousness—by whose stripes you were healed.
___________Excerpts quoted from the book:

We find it easier and more natural to believe in the dark side of things and in the negative side of life than in the bright and positive side of things.

I know that when I can get people to believe in the positive, more than half the battle is won.

THOSE WHO ARE HURTING MUST BELIEVE THAT THEY CAN COME OUT OF IT AND THAT THEY CAN RISE ABOVE THOSE HURTS. If you think otherwise, you are fighting a losing battle and you will not find emotional wholeness.

The story of the epileptic boy in Matthew 17 is a very touching one. The Lord Jesus Christ raised a challenging and heart-searching question (in reply to the father who sought healing for his son from Jesus) in His reply, saying, “If thou can believe!” Immediately the man dropped on his knees and cried out, “I believe! Help Thou my unbelief!”

What the man was saying in actual fact, I believe, was this, “O Lord, I do believe but my human believing is so week, it seems to still contain an element of unbelief, Therefor my believing and my faith need Your divine support.”

This, then, is the condition of all our hearts. Doubts even in the midst of our faith!

It was during my years of church planting and pioneering that I personally came to understand the meaning of this verse and the condition of my own heart…I was like a fountain that was spurting out both hot and cold water at the same time. I had faith to sever from the “established past”, so to speak, and yet has no faith to move wholeheartedly into the future.

Ask God to help you believe…

We must take the Word of the Lord literally…

If you find yourself in this (belief-unbelief) situation while seeking for emotional healing, just say, “Lord, I will not be discouraged and I thank You for healing me. Help me to go through this period of feeling so ‘unhealed’.”

It is the fact that we must confess and think about, not the feelings. The fact is that God has promised to heal us and we have been healed by His (Jesus’) stripes. We must then apply this healing to ourselves.

I remember helping another sister through a very difficult time. She had woken me up at about three in the morning. with tear-filled eyes, she told me that she could not sleep after reading from the newspaper that evening that her former boyfriend was going to marry another woman, an air hostess. This was so strange because they had split up about four years ago and she had, through all these years, continued to live a vibrant and active life.

“But when I read that announcement…all those hurt feelings came back…My mind keeps remembering those old times…”

This is true. When our minds bring back the memories, they also bring back the feelings, whether good or bad.

In my own experience…I immediately reach out to God and pray, “I claim the blood of Jesus Christ over all of these hurting memories and I rebuke these mental and emotional oppressions in the name of Jesus.” God in His mercy and love has not failed failed me once.

Very often, Satan…will draw my attention to familiar sights and similar looking people and remind me, “Doesn’t this man look like him? Look, he is smiling at you in the same way that ______ used to smile at you!” “This is the same type of perfume and chocolate he used to buy you” or “This was the coffee house you both came to so many years ago.”

And I have, unashamedly, run and turned to Him (God) at all odd times and in odd places. In toilets, in the supermarkets, in the kitchen while stirring a cup of coffee, in an airplane, in the hair saloon with my head under a blower, under the shower, in the midst of a facial etc. Anytime, anywhere, whenever the hurtful memories strike, I just reach out to Him, Who alone is my healing balm…

(Back to the story about the hurting woman)..I told her that the Lord has definitely healed her of that past hurt and that those lousy feelings would not stay if she was determined not to let them stay.

“Rebuke them and do not let Satan bring back the past memories and ugly hurt feelings to rob you of the reality of God’s healing. You don’t have to let these mental and emotional oppressions stay.”

I told her to begin to concentrate on the facts – this man was not in God’s plan for her life -to be able to accept this helps in the healing of hurts. Also, four years ago, she had already with God that she would release him ans God had already healed her of that emotional hurt and trauma.

Praise God, my friend cooperated and she allowed the facts, not her feelings, to take hold of her that night. The next morning she was as good as new.

The apostel Paul told the church of Philippi that they must by God’s power, discipline their minds to think of the things that positive. This means our minds can actually be trained to dwell on things we want them to.

Yes, God is more than able to heal your broken-heartedness…Believe because this is the truth: Jesus Christ is more than able to heal you and help you rise above those hurts in life.  (Blogger’s comment: Jesus had already healed you. You just need to believe and declare you are healed and command the “mountain” to leave you and cast into the sea!)

how to deal with your broken heart
how to deal with your broken heart

You may order the whole printed book written by Pastor Susan Tang from this address: STATION OF LIFE, TEL : +60 89 – 885 013 FAX : +60 89 – 887 217

How to deal with your broken heart 3: the humor amidst the tears

How to deal with your broken heart 3: the humor amidst the tears (by Susan Tang)

I came across this author (pastor, church planter, prophet, Bible teacher, watchman/intercessor) and her teaching about five years ago. I attended a number of her seminars (all with not a dull moment). I bought all her books and read most of them, as the Spirit led me. She teaches with passion for the word of God. Her passion is infectious. But I have noted some qualities in her for young disciples of Jesus to emulate: honesty, integrity, courage and boldness, authority and power, that come from a life of living before God.

In this book, she wrote from her personal experience with the objective to heal and set free those who are hurting. However, I have read with a smile from time to time. Susan is known for her genuine human character too, her great sense of humor! I have put together some excerpts (at random) here from the book reflecting this human aspect. I believe you will smile too when you picture those incidents which had been so vividly described!


As a pastor, I had to share many experiences of hurt and heart-brokenness. Out of all these experiences, there were two that wounded me very deeply. Both of these incidents happened when I was still very young as a person and very inexperienced as a pastor. I did not really know how to handle hurts, whether on my own or others. I went to an excellent Bible School but unfortunately, I was not taught how to handle hurts. I do not believe this can be taught in the classroom….

The second experience of a broken heart concerned my housemate (Joelin)…She came to my bedroom one night, dropped herself, all 138 pounds, onto my lap and then started to sob and cry hysterically.

I held her (thinking her appendix had ruptured as she ha complained of suspected appendicitis sometimes back) and didn’t really know what to do until her younger sister, Bina, came in and told me point-blank, “That bastard Roger left her for another girl!” “Oh?” I replied. Tears started to trickle down my cheeks all the way to Joelin’s back. I couldn’t free myself to get any tissue; she had nailed me down with her 138 pounds. Bina also started crying, holding and pulling art my right leg. I did not mind the holding but I hated the pulling and rubbing her wet nose against it. Before I could tell her to stop, the youngest of the sisters, Linda, came in, held onto my other leg and did exactly the same thing!

Now after almost 12 years (31 years ago from present day), as I write about it, it seems so hilarious – four women crying themselves crazy just because one had a lousy boyfriend who got away! Sometimes women were so cooperative! At the time it happened, it was not funny. I hurt like mad for Joelin, so much so that I did not even go to work for the next two days. I was afraid she would commit suicide…

Three years later when I met Bina, who had by then already married, she told me the sad news, “Joelin is terrible. She has hurt my mom so badly…she is like the town’s prostitute.”..

Poor Joelin. One bad man called Roger hurt her and she was left wounded for life. But is it really true that life comes to an end for a person when his or her romance or marriage fails?…HOW DOES ONE COME OUT OF IT?

As Christians, we also need to truthfully ask ourselves this question: Has God left us any resources in our quest for emotional healing and wholeness? The glad answer is YES! An absolute YES! The Lord Jesus Christ is more than able to heal the broken-hearted. But we must cooperate with Him. There is definitely something we can do for ourselves in our quest for emotional healing…


Lie 1 – “If Michael walks out on me, I’ll commit suicide for I have no reason to go on living.”

Or “If Jean leaves, I’ll die for I really cannot do without her.”

This is a lie…we are not to make another human person the sole reason for our existence..This then is the truth: GOD ALONE IS TO BE THE ULTIMATE REFERENCE POINT IN OUR LIVES, THE SOLE REASON FOR OUR EXISTENCE.

Certainly, the sense of loss, of lack and worthlessness will be there. But these feelings need not stay for good…Satan will fight to keep you in bondage to these feelings…but Satan is a liar who has no choice but to let go if you resist him steadfastly.

Lie 2 – “I don’t think I can ever love again.”

To confess such a thing is in reality to say something like this: “The past is too powerful to be forgotten and I cannot be cleansed from its influence.” Or “God is so limited. He has only given me just one person in this great big universe with whom I can be happy…”

I had a friend who was like this…she had one broken relationship and it robbed her almost totally of all joys and the meaning of living. (She stayed away from almost every place where men could be found and where she could be reminded of …the man who left her. Places included: camps, bookstores and supermarkets that sell wedding or engagement cards, even babies!). (to be continued)

You may order the whole printed book from this address: STATION OF LIFE, TEL : +60 89 – 885 013 FAX : +60 89 – 887 217

how to deal with your broken heart
how to deal with your broken heart

How to deal with your broken heart and rise above your hurt? (Preface)

how to deal with your broken heart 2

PREFACE: WHY I WROTE THIS BOOK (excerpts/summary from book by Pastor Susan Tang))

Actually I wrote this book for a number of reasons. The number one reason is that I am weary. I am weary from being confronted by so many broken-hearted people and weary with having to repeat the same counsel time and time again. “Hurts are sometimes almost tangible and definitely contagious.”

A few years ago after I started a women’s ministry in my church, I was suddenly plunged into a world of hurting women. Some were hurting and helpless, some were hurting and revengeful, some were hurting and demonic, some were hurting and confused, and some were hurting and had become both impenetrable and weird!

How is it that the world is so full of hurting women? And hurting men? Although we had advertised in the local papers that the HELPLINE was only for women, men called up, and one shouted at me when I told him that the HELPLINE was for women only.

What the ***! Don’t you know we men hurt too? …How come you help women and not men?” I had no answer, so I had to replace the receiver and unhook the phone for a while…

Since the women ministry started here in…years ago, I have been writing articles and giving talks on this subject on how to rise above our hurts and heart-brokenness. Letters have come and women have asked for more… I enjoyed doing this at first but after …years, I decided that I should stop. Then somebody said, “You have stopped teaching, but people have not stopped hurting.”

This is so true. So why not bring all the articles together and rewrite them? This is how this book came about and this is why I wrote this book.

When God brings us through experiences like hurts, He definitely has a purpose. He wants us to grow up spiritually…I am also grateful to people, for it is from people, hurting people, that I have learned the most.

The one lesson that looms above the rest is this: There is to be only one great, lifelong, consuming love affair for a child of God and it is to be with the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. God Himself wants to be our first love object.”

Each time a hurting person comes to me for counseling and prayer, the Holy Spirit will urge me to tell her, “Listen, just open your heart to Jesus and love Him and have Him love you back.” Or I would say, “No, right now your need is not to be reconciled with Michael or jean or whoever. Your need right now is to love Jesus with all of your heart and have Him love you in return.”

And over and over again, I have seen the miracle happen:


Praise God!

Yes, God does want to be our first love. We see this in the first book of the Bible, Genesis, where God tested the heart of Abraham by asking him to sacrifice his only son !…One can see plainly that God was not after Abraham’s son, BUT HE WAS AFTER ABRAHAM’S HEART.

To all who are reading this book, my prayer for you is that you will find healing and emotional wholeness from the God Who Himself has drawn you to Him. I am praying for you. You will find healing for that broken heart as surely as Jesus rose from the grave. The grave had no power to bind Jesus Christ and just like the grave, hurts have no power to bind you or hold you because you are a child of God…

(to be continued)

You may order the book from this address:
STATION OF LIFE, TEL : +60 89 – 885 013 FAX : +60 89 – 887 217

How to deal with your broken heart and rise above your hurt?

how to deal with your broken heart
how to deal with your broken heart

This book by Pastor Susan Tang is on my “must read End Times Books List”. It is not online so I quote some excerpts (mainly from Chapter/Step Seven, “Forgive !”) here and share with the readers of this blog. The author wrote this book mainly for women who hurt, but men hurt too, she was told. Please be encouraged to read the whole book. To all who are reading this book, the author’s prayer is that “you will find healing and emotional wholeness from the God Who Himself has drawn you to Him”.

You will find that, quoting from the book,

“In ourselves, we cannot bring down the wall of unforgiveness. The hurt is so deep and the bitterness defiles so many, but God can help us. God can energize us to do the impossible.”

Excerpts from the book: ____________________

A personal word (from the author, 2008): “When I wrote this book 14 years ago, I had no idea that God would take it so far to touch and heal so many lives…At least three suicides have been aborted and many readers have found relief and a new beginning through the pages of this book. Thank you Lord, for prompting me to writing it.”

“This touching testimony came from a British woman married to an Indian man. She had left everything, including breaking family ties to follow her husband back to this country. After two years of marriage, he left her for another woman and she sank into depression and attempted suicide twice. A friend in England sent her this book! She told me she read it twice and started to heal. She came out of depression and is now serving in a counseling center for battered wives…

“Another testimony came from a woman who had a fifteen-year relationship with a man. When he returned to his wife, she was ready to jump from the balcony of her sixth floor apartment. Someone gave her this book and she read it many, many times. God brought her healing through the pages and today she is moving on -she has a good job and new friends…and I am one of them.”

“These are just two of the women I have met face to face; there are many more out there…

“Pain and sorrow is a powerful language -It has a way of speaking to us, of penetrating below our surface to change us, mould us, shape us…to make better (or worse) people out of us. Yes, may all of us who have had a broken heart experience come out of it and be a better person. May we also in times of pain, learn to identify with God for God is a God who knows pain and sorrow…”


CONTENTS: Acknowledgements; a personal word; preface -why I wrote this book; How to deal with your broken heart and rise above your hurt: Steps 1-11: stop believing the devil’s lies; express the hurt; let others bear the hurt; extend the scope of your life; believe that you can be healed; pray in the language of the Spirit; FORGIVE! (CAPS by this blogger) feed on the Word; remember, time is needed; appropriate God’s dynamic resources! submit to deliverance.

__________________Excerpts and/or summary

Chapter/Step Seven: FORGIVE !

We need and need and need, many times over, God’s divine energy and supernatural power to help us forgive. What is life without forgiveness?

A. Forgiving God

Each time a Christian is hurt, I believe there are actually two parties that she needs to forgive (sometimes maybe even three, including the self). We need to forgive the person who has hurt us and we need to forgive God for allowing us that hurt.

When we ask, “Why, Lord?” we are actually asking God why He did not stop or prevent it. Therefor if NEED BE, we also need to forgive God if we think God has wronged us or that He is to be blamed for all our troubles.

I have to convince many people that God is not behind their troubles. God is not against them but they refused to believe it. Perhaps you are one of the foolish ones. If we were to take it then that God really is the one causing you all these mishaps, can you forgive Him? We are concerned about your healing, we are not concerned about God’s ego or hurting God. God is more concerned for your healing and your being wholesome.

If Jesus could take all those beatings, shame and humiliation on the cross to bring you wholesomeness and healing, what is this little chip of misunderstanding and blame to Him?…

So many people say, in the midst of their hurts, that they cannot reach out for God…unless you forgive, you cannot have communication. So, if you think you need it, for your own good and healing, say, “God, I forgive You.”

B. Forgiving the person or persons who inflicted the hurt

Yes, forgiving the person who has hurt us is not easy, not even natural. It draws up blood and guts and everything else from within us.

Take for example, the case of Linda, a 22 year old girl I met not long ago. Married for just eight months, her husband deserted her for her best friend. Her best friend had seen him…at a party and commented to another friend, “I won’t give up until I have him.” It took her just five months…and Linda’s husband fell into her arms…

Linda, hurt to her very core, attempted suicide twice but did not die. Both times she was hospitalized…

When Linda came to see me, something within me wanted to withdraw from her. Her hurt and pain were almost tangible and definitely contagious. And yes, Linda couldn’t forgive. I told her she had to choose between forgiveness and hell. She surprised me by replying that she preferred to go to hell (“I am already in it now.’) since going to hell required no effort but forgiving did.

Emotionally, Linda was devastated. Satan had taken advantage of the situation to turn her hurt into something really ugly and demonic, making her negative, impenetrable and defiant, even to those who sincerely wanted to help her.

Physically, she was just awful. (bloodshot eyes, foul breath, hair matted, lipstick caked on parched lips, jagged nails, perfume soured on her dress…)

That 40 minutes or so of ministry was very, very difficult…and because of her self imposed isolation was so deep. I felt I could not reach her to bring hope to her battered, broken spirit -but God, what a God! Praise to Him Who specializes in impossibilities!

God was with us that afternoon although I had a hard time feeling His presence…when I weakly asked Linda (not expecting a positive reply, actually) if she wanted prayer, she nodded.

Before we could finish praying, Linda fell onto the floor, hard as the Lord’s Spirit came over her and she cried inaudibly, with just a few tiny drops of tears trickling down the corners of her eyes. She got up a few minutes later, obviously embarrassed and shocked to find herself sprawled on the cement floor. She just bolted out of the door and disappeared! I lost contact with her after that.

Four months later, one evening when I was having dinner at a Chinese restaurant, I saw somebody sitting across from my table who looked so much like her. “No, it couldn’t be,” I thought to myself. “This one is fatter. She’s laughing and she looks well. No, it can’t be her.”

But I was wrong and it was Linda. I walked over to say “Hi” and did not ask further…she squeezed my hand as I was about to leave and said, “Everything’s okay now. I forgave that ***bastard and I decided I should let him go. Better now than when I have children…God really did touch me that day and helped me to forgive that ***bastard and also that ***girlfriend of his!”

Praise the Lord! She found victory! She found release! She found forgiveness and she found life! But, of course, she still needed to change her language!

We need and need and need, many times over, God’s divine energy and supernatural power to help us forgive. What is life without forgiveness?

If we go by feelings, there is no way we can move this mountain and make progress…i learned then that forgiveness is not just a feeling, but action!

AS LONG AS YOU WANT TO FORGIVE, DO NOT BE BOTHERED BY THE FEELINGS -ACT AGAINST THEM! These feelings, like the mighty walls of Jericho, will soon collapse as you obey the word of the Lord and act against them.

There is no need to feel condemned if you still have all these feelings of unforgiveness. The important thing is to make sure that there is a beginning to your wanting to forgive.

“In ourselves, we cannot bring down the wall of unforgiveness. The hurt is so deep and the bitterness defiles so many, but God can help us. God can energize us to do the impossible.”

Those who do not forgive may have such high prices to pay: ill health, cancer, ulcers, arthritis, premature death etc.

So, forgive with God’s help. Pick up the hammer today and start to bring that wall down. God will be right there to help you.

____________You may order the book from this address: STATION OF LIFE, TEL : +60 89 – 885 013 FAX : +60 89 – 887 217

The End Times book -God’s Demands of Love

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The watchman yesterday found this book again after it disappeared mysteriously. He was led in his spirit to give this book to someone and the person read it just in time. He was asked to read it too so he agreed. However, the book disappeared after he read a few pages. It was very unusual as he just cleaned up his whole house and everything was in order. There was no where a book could hide. However, yesterday he took out a briefcase to look for some office document and to his amazement this book was hidden among his documents! The Lord told him to finish reading. So he did. Here is the book. It is a must read for all serious intercessor and altar builders.


Song of Solomon
A Devotional Study



All the alumni
(and future students)
of Station of Life:

You were (will be) taught spiritual intimacy and communion.
Now live it.

To the beloved Bride of Jesus Christ everywhere:

May we know that we are great only because we are loved.
We are loved by Him; therefore, at all times
and in every situation,
we the greatest!


Song of Solomon


Principles From Song of Solomon
A. For the Single Person
B. For the Married Person
C. For Fruitfulness, Effectiveness and Longevity in Ministry
1. Exclusiveness
2. Spiritual Intimacy and Communion
3. God-Consciousness

The 1st Demand : Rise Up !
1. Rise Up to Achieve Our Full Potential in Him
2. Rise Up and Come Out of All Our Selfish Indulgences
3. Rise Up and Break Free from All Worldly Conformity
4. Rise Up and Be a Standard-Bearer

The 2nd Demand : Come Away !
A. Be Separate
B. Let Go of the Past
C. Be Willing to Lose It All

The 3rd Demand : Come With Me !

The 4th Demand : Look From The Top !

The 5th Demand : Open To Me !

The 6th Demand : Return, Return !


Sample of a chapter: (Bold letters and italics were added in some cases by the watchman)


Jesus made it very clear in Mark 8:34, 35 that the criteria for following Him is to deny self, take up the cross and be devoted to Him with no private agenda for self. If we understand this divine summons to deny all, we will have no problem fulfilling the divine demand that we “come away.”

It is not difficult to realize that the accomplishments, the success, honour and blessings of Abraham rested on the fact that he was willing to lose it all, to give up all, including his one and only son in his old age.

Gandhi was a man with a passion for the teachings of Jesus Christ but unfortunately, he did not become a Christian. He could not because he realized that the white people who came to India to preach Jesus did not live like Him. He was himself so convicted by the teachings of Christ that he decided to put them into practice.

He renounced everything and vowed that he would fight his enemies with love and not violence. For years, he walked the streets of India and begged for food. He turned his left cheek to his enemies when he was slapped on the right. Most of the time, he looked tired and worn out. He owned nothing but by the time he died, millions thronged his funeral. The rich and the popular, the mighty and the renowned, dignitaries, kings and queens came from all over the world.

What was the secret to Gandhi’s success and popularity? He was willing to lose it all.

Wasn’t this true of our Lord? He was willing to lose it all, including His own life. He literally denied all, becoming poor so that we might be rich.

For ye know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that, though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, that ye through his poverty might be rich (2 Corinthians 8:9).

In the end, He gained back everything, with interest.

He was slain to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honour, and glory, and blessing (Revelation 5:12).

All these came only after He had been willing to be slain, willing to lose even His right to live. Yes, our Lord’s supremacy and glory rest on this basis: He was willing to lose it all.

Throughout the centuries, men and women have tried all ways and means to obtain power and riches _ fighting, cheating, manipulating, etc. God teaches us that the way to power and riches is through being willing to lose.

Are you willing to lose it all? Whether you like it or not, able or not able, the demand of the Bridegroom is sounding out loud and clear, “Come away! Come away from it all!” If you do not yield to this demand, you will never SOAR; you will never have the joy of feeding on the heritage of Jacob in high places.

Jesus taught us that the kingdom of heaven is likened to a merchant who, when he finally found a pearl of great worth, was willing to sell all that he had so that he could purchase that one pearl.

Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls: Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it (Matthew 13:45-46).

We Christians have found that one pearl of great worth. Are we now willing to sell all that we have, willing to lose it all, to give up all, including marriage, career and children (if He so requires) in order to gain this Pearl of great worth? It would have been utter foolishness for the merchant to merely rejoice over that great pearl, wanting to possess it yet not willing to sell all that he had in order to raise the money to buy it. Many Christians are like this. They know they have found it _ Jesus, our Pearl of great value _ yet they are not willing to lose it all for Him. To be indecisive is the worst situation to be in.

I remember spending the three years in Bible School pleading with God, every morning at 5 am, to release me from full-time ministry. I had no desire for full-time ministry as my ambition was to be a fashion designer or an interior decorator. Every evening at 5 pm, I would plead with God to change me if He would not release me from ministry so that I could serve Him with a free heart and mind and not be indecisive.

I knew that if I were to serve Him, there would be no turning back. I also knew that what I do for Him must be done not only with my whole heart but also with my kidneys, liver, intestines, etc. If I were to serve Him, I wanted to do so with passion, intensity and the totality of my being. I would not serve Him and keep one eye open for a husband or daydream of a family of my own. No. No. To be divided in this way would not do for me.

Many ladies in ministry today are divided. They are unproductive because the ministries that they are in right now are just something to hold them up temporarily while they wait for Mr Right to pop up. I have raised up lady workers and I have had many different ladies working under me all these years. I have come to one conclusion: it is easier to raise up men than ladies!

The world trusts in its knowledge, scientific advancements, doctorates and degrees in education. I am afraid that this has also affected many in ministry. We go after degrees and doctorates but do not know what faith and prayer are anymore. We have become mentally swollen and spiritually shrunken. Today, instead of doing what the apostle Paul did, willing to lose everything for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ, we can be tempted to do the exact opposite. If a balance could be struck, it would be beautiful. It is not easy to find someone who can pursue his studies and still find time to spend in the presence of God (but thank God we do have such people).

I remember the kind gesture of Professor John Williams some years ago. He told me that every year, his institute in New York confers an honorary doctorate on people who are truly worthy recipients. One such recipient had been Charles Doss who had composed the popular song, “He is my everything.” The professor invited me to Kenya in September of that year for the conferment of a doctorate in recognition of my works and accomplishments. I remember praying about it and instantly hearing an answer from the Lord.

“Everything that has happened in your life and ministry is just a result of the demonstration of the power of My Spirit.” That was all. I was not told to go or not to go _ I was told only the truth of why I had succeeded _ it was a demonstration of His Spirit’s power. Now, how could I go and be conferred with a doctorate if all that I had done had nothing to do with me?

I couldn’t, I shouldn’t and I didn’t. The next morning, I thanked the professor, told him that I was deeply honoured but I would not be going to Kenya for the conferment. That should have settled the matter.

Unfortunately, a few weeks later, my carnal self played up and said, “It was a fool’s decision to reject the doctorate. The blessing and reward of the Lord came and you did not even know how to enjoy it.”

I decided to call up a friend and shared this with him. He told me, “Walk far away from it, Susan. Be happy that you have been honoured but lay down that doctorate. Come away from it _ be willing to lose it. You don’t need it to prove anything. Jesus in you is all-sufficient. You made the right choice in letting it go.”

A lady with her own doctorate told me, “You should have gone for it. Times are changing. When you go overseas for ministry, people will not listen to you if you do not have a doctorate.”

How sad. Not for me, but for them. If people will only come and hear me because I have a doctorate, they are the wrong group of people for me. I have no intention of ministering to such people. I want to minister to those whose hearts are in the right place, wanting more of God. I do not want to waste time speaking to anyone whose sense of value lies not in the things of the Spirit but in a degree or a doctorate.

More than one person has asked me whether I regret losing that doctorate. Definitely not! I have not missed anything. My ministry is just as fruitful and effective. The doctorate would never have made my ministry effective but it would have affected me if I had taken it up _ it would have made me vain.
Please do not get me wrong. I am not against doctorates and degrees or the conferment of titles. I am merely saying that we must know where and how to draw the line. Study is good and every minister should be doing his own on-going study of the Word. Only watch out that you do not study until your head swells and your spirit shrinks, until you see a demon in the face but call it a “complex” or a bad habit and do not know how to deal with it.

“Look from the top,” says the Bridegroom to His bride. Yes, look from the top and let us get God’s perspective on the whole picture. What does He say?

Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom, neither let the mighty man glory in his might, let not the rich man glory in his riches: But let him that glorieth glory in this, that he understandeth and knoweth me, that I am the Lord which exercise lovingkindness, judgement and righteousness, in the earth: for these things I delight, saith the Lord (Jeremiah 9:23-24).

Yes, may God soon raise up a generation of men and women right across this nation who will be willing to lose it all, whatever it may be. May they be standard-bearers who will both understand and know the Lord: that God is a God who relishes the exercising of lovingkindness, judgement and righteousness.

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God’s Final Call for the End Times

 God’s final call for the end times

The watchman has waited for a book like this for a long time. It came out recently and  it is entitled “God’s Final Call for the End Timesby Pastor Susan Tang. The book is a must for all serious intercessors to read many times over and take heed.

__________Some powerful excerpts and quotations from the book:

PERSONAL WORD (by the author)

Yes, God’s mandate and God’s call for every believer is that we fight for our set apart and apostolic faith, without which we can never overcome the world. (1 John5:4)”

The book of Jude has so impacted me that I know I must be apostolic for if I am not, I may end up an apostate. I cannot be ambiguous in these end-times days.

Indeed NOW is the end and the END HAS BEGUN NOW. This is why we cannot be ambiguous, we must either be apostolic or we will end up as apostates.”

I keep hearing our Lord’s warning so clearly and consistently. This is the reason why this book is written: “watch therefore and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.” (Luke 21:36)”

We must know that every form of crisis nations of the world…are all a buildup or prelude to the unspeakable destruction ahead of us.”

If we do not live in awareness of the end, then our present living is nullified and meaningless –we all live as others live…for self and to please self.” (Jeremiah 8:7)

If we do not have the end in view, we will just flow with the present antichrist culture;” “Jesus did not need to go to the cross,” “Is Jesus in the culture or is He above it?

We must live in awareness that society today is not just influenced by education, industry or technology. It is shaped by demons…sin has given them so much influence over the human race, including the Christians. Technology like the mobile phones, the computers and television (which the prophet Jeremiah called ‘windows’ in Jeremiah 9:21) had indeed admitted the spirit of death into so many lives, especially the lives of our youths.”

Like Daniel, I must possess both the tenacity and the intensity to pray and pray and pray even though I do not feel like praying at times.”

Daniel, the end-time prophet, mourned and travailed until a breakthrough came into the heavens, a breakthrough which affected him, his nation and the nations of the world.” (Dan.10:12-14)

There are so many troubled Christians. Is it because our faith is not an apostolic or set-apart faith?”


Why must the church engage in PURPOSEFUL AND INTENSIVE intercessory prayers in these end times called the ‘beginning of sorrows?’ Because God has called us into it and this may well be the final call to prayers to evict the enemy …just before the great tribulation.”

If we are the true church we will have the apostolic distinctive of knowing that the end, or the DAY OF THE LORD is near. All universal shakings and meltdowns now are just birth pangs of the coming kingdom of our Lord. There are calamities, upheavals, crises and great stirrings on earth now because there is war in heaven!

More and more we can feel it as these present evil days…”

It is sad that many Christians are still in denial”

“”The prophets of old saw visions of these dark and foreboding ‘tribulation’ days…” (Ezekiel 21:7; Zechariah 13:8-9)

The purpose of this book is to call you to return to your basic duty -return to your priesthood and be that house of prayer that God wants (Isaiah 56:7).”

CHAPTER 1 -have we missed the vital signs of the Messiah’s second coming?

Learned high priests like Caiphas and Annas could stand in front of the Messiah and not discern that He is the One.” “Many who are made to rule in God’s house do not know the Lord nor understand His word.”

All the vital signs of Christ’s second coming (in heaven and on earth) are pronounced today and yet we carry on as usual; not wanting to make preparations for these coming evil and devastating days that we may be ‘counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.” (Luke 21:36)”

Jesus Christ warned us that the day of destruction will come to us like the days of Noah…when people carry on as usual.” “Their time was never deliberately prioritized for God.”

also days when Nimrod arose in defiance against God to form his ‘one world government’ and to build his high towers and monuments.”

also be like the days of Lot” “when fire literally fell out of heaven suddenly!” “Iran and Israel also have nuclear bombs pointed at each other and should one go off, the entire world will be affected.”

CHAPTER 2 The end has begun and the beginning of the end, (‘the beginning of sorrows’) is already here

Today, we too, have talked much about the end times but unfortunately we have also failed to discern that the time is now -it has now come upon us! The next change will be terrible, for almost without warning, the ‘tribulation’ days will come upon us.”

Why couldn’t they discern? Because their hearts were not right. Ambitions and ego-centrality have often robbed men of spiritual discernment. These ambitious men seem to have enough spiritual light to prophesy and sit in their position as the nation’s spiritual leaders (John 11:49-53), but they definitely did not have enough light to carry themselves through to salvation!” “Caiphas prophesied accurately that Jesus is the Saviour but he himself remained unsaved!”

There are many modern Caiphases and Annases today” “They have enough light to teach others and to prophesy but they do not have enough light to acknowledge their own sin so that they can be saved.”

The light that comes from one’s scholarship, study, degrees, etc., must be tempered with the light that comes from our prayers, revelation knowledge and personal experiences with God which must result in self-denial, humility and servanthood.”

CHAPTER 3 -Intensified prayers from the remnant will evict the enemy out of the heaven

Since Israel as a nation, did not want to keep their distinction as God’s people…the prophet Daniel and his three undefiled friends did it for them.”

May God, in His mercy, in these troublesome and turbulent days of much spiritual upheaval and natural disasters, also raise up a ‘Daniel-like’ group of people who will remain distinct and whose spirit and intercessory travail will be of the same pattern, in order to reach out to God.”

Deborah proclaimed that when there were leaders (leading by examples) then the people would willingly offer themselves (Judges 5:2). She was commissioned and she was willing so she just got in there and led by example! And people were willing to follow her. Do you want prayer groups set up? You need to lead by example.”

The time to pray and travail is NOW, not later when the heat is on because our ability to stand will come from the sum total of the times we have spent in the presence of God.

Israel went after God when they were in the wilderness because they had nothing. (Jeremiah 2:2)” “You may find this hard to believe, but God is definitely going to bring both the church and Israel back to the ‘wilderness days‘ again.

CHAPTER 4 -Halt the enemy’s activities to accelerate God’s work in the spiritual realm

It is vital we pray with prophetic declaration to declare what God Himself has already declared in these end times.”

We need to do what Ezekiel did -speak directly into the situation (Ezekiel 36). “

Such is the power of God’s word! Jesus taught His disciples to speak to the mountains, not pray, if they want the mountains to shift.” (Matt.17:20)

We puncture these times of great deception, desertion, depression, darkness and desolation with God’s spoken words, God’s declarations that are true and right!”

CHAPTER 5 -To know the end we must know the beginning

We have no excuse of not knowing the end because God has taken the end and hidden it in the beginning!

To me, the key that unlocks end times is found in Isaiah which says: Remember the former things of old…there is none like Me; declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times things that are not yet done…” (Isa.46:8-10)


CHAPTER 6 -Intensified suffering means intensified miracles, signs and wonders

As Daniel travailed in prayers on earth, angelic activities prevailed in heaven!

The ‘open heaven’ coming our way when God’s fullness is experienced is as sure as the coming of the days of tribulation!”

We must recognize that Daniel symbolizes a corporate group of God’s people who must rise up in these end times to engage themselves in purposeful and relentless prayers.”

This is why God told us to be a generation of priests -why have we forsaken our destiny? If the church is not a kingdom of priests ministering to God and apprehending His fullness for the nations of the world, what then is the church?”

Remember, as long as the hands of Moses, representing the prayers of the nation, were lifted up towards heaven, Israel has the upper hand over the Amalekites.”

To watch and pray means we pray with the word of God into every situation and see all present situations as God sees them. We keep our spiritual antenna up and we are to be alert to present signs and world events.”

Pray with intensity and pray fervently, which means your spirit, soul and body must be in agreement.”

CONCLUSION -we are now in the end times

The end has certainly begun…twenty-four hours a day God’s ears are bombarded by the outcries of sin in the nations of the world but He wants to hear prayers, confessions, supplications but they seem to be getting lesser and lesser.”

May God…also give you the courage to change and prioritize your time to pray, to be ‘thrown in’ together with this great network of intercessors spanning both heaven and earth.”

You must heed the final call to fight, to enter into godly travail by praying, pleading, declaring…”

So many people complain of being lonely…But when we are bonded up with God and threaded together into His prayer network and are aware that prayer has eternal validity, it will rid us of all loneliness.”

Safety is definitely not the absence of danger but the presence of God, but this presence is not to be taken for granted. We need to spend time to be connected with Him and to bring His presence into where we are.”